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12 week Active Living after Cancer (ALAC) workshop

Time: Tuesday, October 30th, 2018 until Tuesday, January 29th , 2019 on October 19, 2018

Location: 401 Wildcat Dr Anthony TX 79821

Cancer and Chronic Disease Consortium (CCDC) in El Paso, TX. CCDC is a non-profit organization committed to develop community base strategies to educate and empower people to make informed decisions about cancer screening to help reduce cancer burden in our area. For 27 years we have been serving the most needed low-income, uninsured, underserved Hispanic women in our community. Through our programs and services we deliver cancer prevention education, breast and cervical cancer screening and patient navigation to access timely care. Since 2011, we started working more closely with cancer survivors and recently we initiated a partnership with MD-Anderson Cancer Center in Houston to implement a Survivorship program named Active Living after Cancer (ALAC). ALAC is a Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) funded program designed to improve the quality of life of cancer survivors in the Houston and El Paso by promoting physical activity and providing support and service navigation for survivorship issues. A large and growing number of cancer survivors in Houston and El Paso, especially those who are medically underserved, necessitates effective programs to help survivors improve their health and physical functioning, and make significant lifestyle changes designed to prevent recurrent and new cancers. ALAC consists of 12 weekly sessions, delivered one day per week, 2.5 hours each session. This is a didactic program comprise of cognitive and behavioral skills related to increasing physical activity, a guided discussion of a relevant survivorship topic, and short bouts of moderate physical activity. The program is free of charge and each participant is provided a pedometer and resistance bands to achieve their physical activity goal. To be eligible for the program, participants must have a previous diagnosis of cancer and not be receiving chemotherapy and radiation for cancer at the time of enrollment. We have been promoting the program in your area and have identified a large group of breast cancer survivors and caregivers interested in attending.